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Artists Statement

Joseph Dellert MCPF

Photographic Artist


I have recently found myself fascinated by the transition of place.  Neglected details call for attention, details of a time that was and is changing. My work currently focuses not on whether change is for the best, but on the fact that these intimate details of the past still exist.  I am enamored with subtle beauty that is always around us: a shadow cast in a way the eye fancies; forgotten treasures once placed with care and intention, now long forgotten by the placer. The imagery I capture in these details attempts to evoke nostalgia for the past celebrity of these curious objects.


I use a digital camera, working both in traditional color and Infrared. I call the series of color photographs “To Think That I saw it on Irving Street: Extraordinary Views of an Ordinary Street”.  I discover my subjects as I walk from my home to my shop, usually in the morning when the shadows are strong.   With an eye toward wonder I have made over 25 images in the series so far and know I will continue to discover more things marvelous.

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